Traffic Violations

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In Alabama you could be ticketed for different traffic violations, including, but not limited to, speeding, running a stop sign, wrong way down a one-way street, failure to yield, following too closely, and failure to wear a seat belt. With a traffic ticket and violation a person can plead guilty or not guilty – if a person is found guilty of a traffic ticket or traffic violation they will more than likely have to pay a fine and have points added to their driving record.

Why Hire an Attorney for a Traffic Violation? Why hire McCollum & Wilson?

Even though a traffic violation might not seem like a big deal, a traffic ticket can put more points onto your driving record. Depending on the amount of points that someone has, and the severity of the ticket, a person could have their license suspended in Alabama if they have a significant amount of points on their record. To get the best outcome you need to hire an attorney who knows the legal system the best. Hiring an attorney will help you to come up with the best course of action for a ticket so that it will not affect you in the future. At McCollum and Wilson, we do not consider any case, charge, or ticket, too big or too small. Our attorneys have the knowledge and contacts to help provide the best results for your case.

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Traffic Violations
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